Maybe your water feels a little off or you might be worried about the safety of the pool chemicals around your kids. Are you looking for that part for your filter that no one seems to have? Tired of constantly skimming your pool or having to purchase a new vacuum every six months? No worries, Wise Pool and Spa is more than you would expect from a pool company. We consider you family, and care about the maintenance and safety of your pool long after we finish building.

Don’t hesitate to ask us anything, from the proper water balance levels to the latest support equipment technology, we have the knowledge, experience, chemicals, and parts to keep your worries at bay and the fun in full swing!


Most swimming pool water problems can be traced back to a few different factors, such as:

• Inadequate sanitation and/or water balance.
• Poor water circulation due to Inadequate or clogged pump/filter system.
• Improper reading of water test kits, or not using them on a regular basis.
• Unchecked environmental factors or lack of pool maintenance.

If you have sick pool water, we can help.


    Bring us a quart of your pool water and a quart of your source water and we will analyze your water for FREE!

  • Chemical Sales and support

    Improper use of chemicals can be dangerous. Let us help you determine the right balance for your water.

  • Preventative Maintenance

    Let us help you put a plan into place that will help protect your invesment.


When all of your pool components are working together, and you know what to do when a problem arises, all that’s left is FUN and FAMILY!

Horsepower, water flow, type of filters available, level of maintenance, and energy usage are all important factors to address when putting together the components of your pool. We can help you weigh the advantages of each working part and clarify the overall benefit of your entire support system. Wise Pool carries the pool industry’s top technology and will make sure you choose the right equipment for the optimal life and usage of your pool or spa.

Choose the best options for you.

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Maintaining the health and safety of your pool is a year round process.

An advanced vacuum system can keep your pool clean and protected from environmental factors for pennies a day. Covering your pool in the off-season protects your investment and keeps your kids safe as they play in your backyard when your pool is closed. We also offer a winterization service to protect your pool from damage due to freezing conditions.

Closing your pool the right way can save you a ton of work when it comes to opening it in the summer.

  • Automatic Vacuum Systems

    Bugs and leaf litter got you down? Scrubbing down the walls of your pool not your idea of a good time? Consider an automatic vacuum from Polaris.

  • Custom Safety Covers

    We offer mesh, solid, and pull-tight for a range of safe and secure options for maximum strength and protection.

  • Pool Winterization

    Winterizing your pool requires more than just covering it up. Ask us for a complete checklist or let us perform it for you.


Are the frogs in your backyard keeping you up at night?

Maybe your vinyl liner is faded or torn, or your plaster is stained and pitted. Or, perhaps your pool’s design and features are reminiscent of a previous decade. If you have a pool already, but have lost that lovin’ feeling and have a vision of what it could be, we can help. Whether its a simple vinyl liner replacement, plaster resurfacing or a full scale in-ground pool renovation, Wise Pool & Spa can breathe new life into your personal backyard oasis.


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